1 Pint Festival Cup

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Finish : Satin Stainless Finish

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Check Out Our Great Festival Cup

Millions of printed paper cups are thrown away annually contributing to the worldwide issue of plastic waste. Switching to reusable cups at festival gatherings and celebrations will make significant difference to this global problem.

Add to this your venue name or brand, with our permanent laser etch, for a powerful promotional message to create lasting memories with your valued customer base.

Brym has got you covered from every angle with the Stainless Steel Festival Cup.

Our festival cups may be used repeatedly, making them perfect for Concerts, Fairs, and Stadiums. The cups can be recycled, reused, and even put through the dishwasher. These cups are a wonderful alternative to glass for large events and crowded venues due to their shatter resistance.


Some of our festival cups’ most notable qualities and advantages are as follows:


 Lasting for a Long Time

We take pride in the durability of our Festival Drinking Cups. Unlike disposable plastic cups, our festival cups are built to last and can be used repeatedly, if fact they never wear out.


Long-lasting and kind to nature

An excellent alternative to disposable plastic cups, and with great long-life advantages over the paper cup. Our Branded Festival Cups are a sustainable replacement that helps the environment by minimizing waste.


Security and ease of use

Our festival cups are made to prevent spills and injuries. With a firm level base preventing spills, and made from endurable stainless steel, they won’t break or smash, making them suitable for celebrations and party gatherings. These cups can be stacked several high for convenient portability and storage. They are also designed with a unique lip that makes it safe to use and easy to clean.


Why Buy Our Promotional Festival Cups Here are a few examples of why:


  • Sustainable and environmentally beneficial, they aid in the fight against plastic pollution.
  • These cups can withstand the abuse of outdoor use in a festival environment.
  • Our Branded Festival Cups are great way to promote your venue or brand, or create a memorable collector’s item.
  • These cups are economical and reasonably priced making long term savings.


If you need cups for a festival, concert, or sporting event, go beyond with our Festival Drinking Cup.

We’re excited to show you how to drink in a way that doesn’t harm the planet.

Additional information


Plain, Laser Etched


Satin Stainless Steel, Powder Coat Finish (PCF), Lacquered Finish (LQF)

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1000, 2000, 250, 1, 500


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