About Us

Brym Brand Story

At Brym, Branded barware suppliers, we help producers in the high-quality drinks market, to promote their product brand in a totally sustainable way, which will last for many years to come.

We believe that sustainability can be enjoyed to the full, so have crafted an unbreakable high-quality stainless tumbler refined to make drinking your favourite beverage a pleasure.

We believe the Brym cup will become the users’ treasured possession.

Behind the Scenes

Your Brym Cup is the product of many years of trial and development resulting in a masterpiece of engineering excellence, which will be a pleasure to use for many years to come.

Using a process known as DDSSP ‘Deep Drawn Stainless Steel Pressing’ your Brym Cup starts life as a flat sheet of material which is then progressively formed into a three-dimensional shape by mechanically drawing the metal sheet ‘blank’ into a forming die, eventually forming the required shape of the product.

Your Brym is then further enhanced with the rolling of the ‘smooth touch lip’ around the top edge improving the user’s experience and the strength of the cup.

The surface finishing of your Brym is of the greatest importance so the full beauty of genuine Stainless Steel is appreciated to the full. Each cup is individually polished using a combination of mechanical and hand processes.

Add a fine finish and a laser logo etch to create your own bespoke Brym Cup.

At every stage of the process, your Brym Cup is meticulously checked and examined by a dedicated team of specialists, before being finally ultrasonically cleaned and packed for delivery.

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Brand Benefits

  1. Especially designed brim (top edge) to enhance the drinking experience.
    2. Made from food grade 201stainless steel – life-long durability, will not tarnish or spoil.
    3. Pressed from a single piece – no leaks.
    4. Logo marked using laser – will not come off.
    5. 4 standard finishes are available.
    6. 5standard sizes from a 35ml shot cup to a 350ml Tumbler.
    7. Excellent branding opportunity