Did you know that Brym Tumblers are versatile enough to work well with non-alcoholic beverages too?

The low-alcohol drinks industry is growing fast and there are many new innovative products available. People are drinking less alcohol, but still want to enjoy a special drink. Brands are creating new low-alcohol beers and spirits that provide the same complexity and satisfaction as traditional drinks. Brym is a company that promotes these new drinks by offering reusable cups/tumblers with the brand’s name etched on them.

In 2014, Seedlip, a non-alcoholic gin-like drink, was introduced and it was only available in Selfridges for £35. However, today, many more affordable non-alcoholic spirits are available. Producers are creating non-alcoholic versions of vermouth, amaro, amaretto, and coffee liqueur, and the selection continues to grow. Brym offers better visibility for these brands on shelves.

Non-alcoholic beer has also improved in quality and visibility in recent years. When served in Brym cups, these drinks taste better as they maintain the perfect temperature.
In the UK, anything under 0.5% alcohol is not restricted under licensing laws. Some products are labeled “low-alcohol” at 0.5%, rather than “alcohol-free.” These products are unlikely to make you drunk, and some foods contain as much or more alcohol.

We have tested a wide range of no and low-alcohol drinks including aperitifs, pre-mixed mocktails, and alternatives to beer, gin, and rum. All of the drinks tasted great when served in Brym cups. We followed the serving suggestions from the brands and sampled the drinks in various ways. Our testing criteria focused on sweetness, acidity, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, and lasting finish.

In conclusion, there are many great-tasting low-alcohol drink options available. People are embracing non-alcoholic alternatives and drinking less. Brym is a perfect way to enjoy a satisfying drink while also promoting low-alcohol brands. Additionally, by using Brym’s reusable cups, we can contribute to reducing landfills.

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