Cobbler Shaker

Part Number: CS100

Stock Finishes: Satin Stainless; Rose Gold; Matt Black

Other finishes available by special order!

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Benefits of using Brym Cobbler Shaker


With the Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker, you can shake up your bartender skills and make better drinks. This shaker is a must-have for any server, whether they make drinks at home or for a living. The Brym Cobbler Shaker is made with care and created to perfection. It adds a touch of elegance to your cocktail creations. Because of its superior construction and usage of stainless steel, this shaker does an excellent job in addition to looking wonderful. With the Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker, you can shake, stir, and pour drinks like a pro. It’s time to make your cocktails shine and impress your friends with every tasty sip!



The Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker has a lot to offer both casual cocktail drinkers and expert bartenders. Here are some of the best reasons to use this shaker:



The Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker is made of high-quality stainless steel, known for being strong and resistant to rust and rusting. This ensures the shaker will hold up to normal use and keep its sleek look over time.


Excellent Insulation:

Stainless steel is a great insulator, so your cocktail ingredients stay cold while you shake the drink. The metal keeps the freezing temperature, making it easier to chill your drinks.


Simple to Use:

The form of cobbler shaker has three parts: the main body, a built-in filter, and a cap with a built-in pouring spout. This makes it easy and useful to use, especially for people who are just starting. The built-in strainer means you don’t need a separate sieve, making cocktails easier.


Seal that won’t leak:

The seal between the main body and the Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker cap is tight and reliable. This keeps any leaks from happening while shaking, so you can shake your drinks without thinking about making a mess.



This shaker is good for making a wide range of drinks, from simple ones to more complicated ones. The Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker makes it easy to shake up a Martini, Margarita, or any other drink.


Design with style:

The Brym Cobbler Shaker’s smooth, polished stainless steel exterior looks beautiful and professional. It adds a touch of class to any bar, whether at home or in a business setting.


Simple to wash:

People like how easy it is to clean things made of stainless steel. The Brym Cobbler Shaker is easy to rinse out and wash by hand because its surface is smooth. It can also go in the machine, making cleanup easy and quick.


The Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker is long-lasting, keeps things warm, is easy to use, has a leak-proof lock, is versatile, looks good, and is easy to clean. It makes it easy to make drinks that taste good and look good.


Why Us

  • Our stainless steel Cobbler Shaker is high-quality and easy to use for making drinks.
  • Even if you shake the shaker hard, there won’t be any leaks or spills because of the shaker’s tight seal. This lets you mix your cocktails with trust.
  • This shaker is an excellent addition to your collection because it is practical, strong, and fashionable, regardless of whether you are an expert mixologist or just enjoy drinks.


Get it now

In the world of mixology, Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker stands out as a tool that every aspiring bartender and drink fan must have. It’s a fantastic option because it blends everything well, has a wonderful appearance, and is composed of durable stainless steel. Take advantage of the chance to earn better drinks with this eye-catching shaker! Shop now to bring the professional charm of mixology into your home bar. Don’t wait any longer—get a Brym Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker right now and open the door to a world of tasty drinks. Cheers to unforgettable times and unforgettable drinks! Go shopping!

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Plain, Laser Etched

Bulk Quantity

48, 96, 1, 24, 36, 72


Satin Stainless Steel, Powder Coat Finish (PCF), Lacquered Finish (LQF)


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