Boston Shaker

Part Number: CS110

Stock Finishes: Satin Stainless; Rose Gold; Matt Black

Other finishes available by special order!

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What you need to know when buying Stainless Steel Boston Shaker

Are you ready to step up your game when making cocktails? The Brym Boston Shaker is all you need. This sleek and stylish cocktail shaker is the best way to add a touch of class and style to your favourite drinks. Whether you’re an experienced mixer or a wannabe home bartender, the Brym Boston Shaker will change how you make cocktails. Get ready to shake, pour, and impress your guests with the right mix of taste and style. Let’s dive in and find out what makes the Brym Boston Shaker the must-have item for everyone who likes to make cocktails.


What to think about if you want to buy a Boston Shaker from Brym

When getting a stainless steel Boston shaker from Brym, there are a few things you should think about to make sure you buy the right thing.


Quality and Lasting Power:

People know that stainless steel shakers last a long time. Check the shaker to see how good the stainless steel is. Try to find shakers that are made of high-quality stainless steel, as this will make them resistant to rust, corrosion, and stains. This ensures the shaker will hold up to normal use and keep its look over time.


Reputation of a Brand:

Find out how well-known Brym is as a maker of Boston Shaker. Read customer reviews and ratings to find out what other people who have bought their Boston Shakers thought of them.


Easy to use and keep up:

Consider how simple it is to use and maintain. Look for shakers with a lid or cap that fit well and can be removed for easy filling. Shakers that can go in the dishwasher can make cleaning easier. Also, think about whether the shaker can be stacked, which can save room in your kitchen or bar.


Reputation and Reviews of the Brand:

Please find out how well-known the brand Brym is and read reviews of our goods, including the stainless-steel Boston shaker you want to buy. Good reviews and happy customers show that a product is reliable and trustworthy.


Cost and Promise:  

Compare the price of the Brym stainless steel Boston shaker to the cost of similar items from other brands to make sure it’s a good deal. Also, check to see if the shaker has a warranty, which can give you peace of mind and protect you from production flaws.

By considering these things, you can confidently buy a stainless steel Boston shaker from Brym. A high-quality, long-lasting shaker will help you make better cocktails that last many years.


Why go with Brym?

  • Our stainless steel Boston Shakers are made from strong, food-grade stainless steel, so they will last and be safe to use.
  • Our Boston Shakers offers are the epitome of class and sophistication in the bar industry.
  • The Brym Boston Shakers are made to seal perfectly when you shake a drink.
  • You can use them to make a wide range of cocktails quickly and easily, from basic to modern.
  • When you buy our Boston Shaker, you get a tool that works well and lasts for a price you can afford.


Buy now

Our Stainless Steel Boston Shaker is perfect for your drinking tools. It is a must-have for beginner and professional mixologists because of its sleek design, durable stainless steel construction, and great performance. Take advantage of this important tool that will help you make even better cocktails. Now is the time to shop so you can shake your drinks with style and accuracy.

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Plain, Laser Etched

Bulk Quantity

108, 144, 1, 36, 72


Satin Stainless Steel, Powder Coat Finish (PCF), Lacquered Finish (LQF)


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