350mm Bar Tray

Part Number: BT335

Stock Finishes: Satin Stainless; Rose Gold; Matt Black

Other finishes available by special order!

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Benefits of using Brym UK Stainless Steel Bar Trays

If you’re tired of your trays breaking, come to Brym UK Stainless Steel Bar Trays. We are the best company for all your high-quality stainless steel tray needs. Our unique styles and long-lasting materials ensure our products work well and look good. Our modern, sleek trays will change how you serve. We promise you’ll be happy!


When you use our stainless-steel bar trays, you can:

At Brym UK, we’re proud to offer high-quality stainless-steel trays with many uses and benefits. Here are some of the most important reasons to use our trays:


Longevity and strength:

Our stainless-steel trays are sturdy and made to last. Made of high-quality stainless steel, they are very resistant to rust, and stains. This means that they will keep their clean look for a long time. This makes them great for both inside and outside use.


Food safety and hygiene:

Stainless steel is naturally clean because it doesn’t have pores and is easy to clean. Our trays can go in the dishwashing machine, so they are easy to clean, and there is no chance of cross-contamination. Because of this, they are a great choice for places like restaurants, hospitals, and other area where hygiene is a priority.



Our Bar Tray is made to be used for many different things. Whether you need them to serve appetisers, desserts, or main meals, our trays can fit any dish. They also look great in official and casual settings because they are sleek and modern.


Two size options:

Available in in 2 size options 350 mm and 410mm, with a generous lip all the way round, these trays have many uses in varied environments.


Easy to handle because it’s light:

Our stainless-steel bar trays are surprisingly light for how strong they are. This makes them easy to move around and handle, lowering the chance of accidents and making it easier for your staff. The smooth edges and comfortable shape make them even easier to use.


Appeal to the eyes:

Our trays are not only useful but also nice to look at. Stainless steel’s smooth, polished surface gives off an air of elegance and class, which makes your food look even better. Our trays have a classic look that will please your guests whether you’re having a formal event or a casual get-together.


Choices that are good for the environment:

Stainless steel is a green object because it can be recycled repeatedly. Using our bar trays, you help reduce waste and harm to the environment. This makes them an eco-friendly choice.



Why should you buy our trays made of steel?

  • Our trays are made with high-quality stainless steel to last a long time.
  • We have different sizes, 350mm or 410mm, to meet the needs of varying serving amounts.
  • Our has a sleek, modern look that makes any setting more elegant.
  • Our trays are easy to clean and keep clean because due to a high-quality stainless-steel material.
  • Our tray is good for both home and commercial use, like in bars, restaurants, and at-home parties.
  • We have realistic prices without sacrificing quality, so you’ll get much for your money.
  • We stand behind the quality of our goods and promise that our customers will be happy with them.


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Do you want to buy bar trays made of stainless steel? Brym UK has a variety of high-quality stainless-steel trays, like the 350 mm tray. These trays are strong, easy to clean, and good for many uses. Because Brym UK strives for quality, customers can count on their trays to work well and be reliable.

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Plain, Laser Etched

Bulk Quantity

1, 10, 20, 30, 40


Satin Stainless Steel, Powder Coat Finish (PCF), Lacquered Finish (LQF)


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