Jigger 25ml/50 ml

Part Number: JG700

Stock Finishes: Satin Stainless; Rose Gold; Matt Black

Other finishes available by special order!

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Brym provides an extensive selection of jigger measures.

Welcome to Brym UK, the best place to find a range of 25ml/50ml Jigger measures. We’re proud that our jiggers are of the best quality and work well so that you can make cocktails with accurate measurements. Whether you’re a professional mixer or a passionate home bartender, our selection of jiggers will take your drink-making to a whole new level. Check out our selection to find the right jigger for your mixology needs. Cheers to Brym for being accurate and good!


Instructions for making use of our Jigger.

  • Filling our Jigger 25ml/50 ml may seem simple, but there are a few details to remember if you want to do it quickly and accurately. It would help to get a free-flow bottle pourer for your spirits bottles before pouring to improve accuracy and reduce waste.
  • Use your thumb and index finger or index and middle finger with your palm facing up to hold your Jigger. Once the Jigger is full, you can empty it with a wrist flick.
  • Keep the Jigger close to the glass’s rim as you work to avoid spilling. This time-saving method prevents liquid from spilling as the Jigger is moved closer to the glass. It would be best not to fill the Jigger over the mixing glass or shaker, as this could cause accidental additions to the drink.
  • If the bottle has a speed pourer, you should hold it differently than if it doesn’t. If the bottle has a speed pourer, hold it by the neck so you can easily stop the liquid flow; if not, keep it in the middle.
  • Fill your Jigger to the top if you need to use its full capacity.
  • Novice bartenders can use an empty liquor bottle filled with water to practise serving and emptying a jigger.


Why pick us?

Here are many reasons to choose a stainless steel jigger with 25ml and 50ml measurements. Here are some possible advantages:



People know that stainless steel is strong and lasts a long time. It can stand up to a lot of use and doesn’t rust, corrode, or stain. This means your jigger will last a long time, even if you use it daily in a busy bar.



Since stainless steel doesn’t have pores, it is very resistant to bugs and germs. It is also easy to clean and sanitise, so your jigger will always be clean and safe. This is very important when you are working with food and drinks.


Accurate Measurements:

Our Jigger 25ml/50 ml measure makes it easy to make cocktails and other drinks with exact and consistent amounts. This helps keep recipes consistent and ensures the right amount of each item is used. This makes drinks that are well-balanced and taste good.



The two amounts, 25ml and 50ml, give you more ways to make drinks. The smaller measure is good for making single-shot cocktails, while the larger measure is better for making double-shot drinks or bigger recipes. Having both choices in one jigger means you don’t have to use multiple tools to measure.



Stainless steel jiggers usually have a sleek, professional look that can make a bar look better. They also look good with many different kinds of decor, making them a popular choice for homes and businesses.


Simple to Use:

Most jiggers made of stainless steel have measurements that are easy to read. This makes it easy to measure and pour liquids, even in dark places, correctly. The strong design of stainless steel makes it easy to hold and stops it from spilling.


Buy now:

Are you confused when choosing a measure? Our stainless steel Jigger 25ml/50 ml is the best measuring tool for bars. It can hold either 25ml or 50ml, so you can use it for a variety of drink needs. Made of strong stainless steel, it will last a long time and look good. Our reliable and stylish Jigger will help you make better drinks today. Order Now!


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